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The Truth about Downtime effect on your business

The Truth about Downtime effect on your business
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The Truth about Downtime effect on your business

Every website which has online business, will face this issue , you have to know that 100% uptime is almost a myth. and when downtime strikes, your business and operations grind to a halt, hurting your business in more ways than you may have thought possible.

Keeping the website up and online at all times is important for the survival of your business. In order to understand the importance of minimizing website downtime, it is very important to understand how downtime effect your business.

1- When facing downtime, recovery, repair and compensatory costs must met in order to maintain the company’s reputation and get clients on board again. To fix the website and get it running again, the business would also have to incur additional costs such as providing discounts to disgruntled customers.

2- With the speed  that services are available at users fingertips these days, users patience when buying online, has taken a hit. No longer do people have to be patient or the time to wait for a website to recover from downtime. Why would they, when they can simply visit competitors websites and begin to buy from there, all in seconds, You may just have lost them permanently due to downtime.

3- Loss of business profits will happen in case of downtime. As long as the website is not working, clients will not be able to access it, and you will lose any sales that would otherwise have been made during that downtime period. Imagine being in a downtime during the active sales hour